You Are Able

A Message Given By:
Bishop Ng’ambi Caddie – Chingola, Zambia

(The Adversities of Advancement)

Actually, I feel honored and I feel at home, particularly in this place. I’m not a stranger now. I’m part of you, Halleluiah. I was telling our Italian brothers that even when you born, you don’t choose the family you are born into. God decides for you. Even in the Lord, it’s just like that, Halleluiah. I never thought I would be linked to Pastor Galvano. God Himself, with all His wonderful thoughts, designed it to be that I would be born in the Spirit in this place through this family here. And I’ve known quite a number of you and a number of people through him. And I’ve no choice except to love you, and you have no choice except to love me. Amen to that. When you are born in the family you have no choice except to love them. If they are good people, you have no choice except to love them. If you are born into a family and you don’t love them, there is something wrong with you. You must love everybody. Amen!
Once more, Pastor, it’s an honor to share the Word of God and receive this invitation, and also to receive the honor to begin to present to RCCM right in the country of Zambia and also to many other countries in Africa. It is an honor for me and my wife and it an honor, even for my country. Thank God. Bible says, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Some of you may say, “Can anything good come out of us?” When you look yourself and you look at what you are and how you are, you say, “Can anything good come out of us?” Nathaniel could not believe it, but before it was too far, he proved that there was something good that came out of Nazareth. I do now that beyond what you have been through and what you going through, God is going to bring something good out of you. I’m not saying this to impress you, but God will bring life out of your table and out of these pews. Somebody who is supposed to bless many others is not even yet in here. He’s coming. Open the door for him. From this place, open the door for them. Don’t close that door for anybody. Somebody that is going to bless others is still coming. So allow them to come. Allow them to come, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let us read I Corinthians 16 beginning at verse 5: “After I go through Macedonia, I will come to you—for I will be going through Macedonia. Perhaps I will stay with you awhile, or even spend the winter, so that you can help me on my journey, wherever I go. I do not want to see you now and make only a passing visit; I hope to spend some time with you, if the Lord permits.” Let’s focus on verse 8: “But I will stay on at Ephesus until Pentecost, because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me.”
Father, thank you for Your Word this evening. Let my words be Your words unto me and every brother and sister and aunt and uncle who is here today. Bring encouragement, Oh God, and bring direction. Bring, Oh God, the word that each one of us needs, particularly this evening. That Your Will may be Your Will in our lives and in this church. We love You and we bless Your name, Holy Spirit, for you know our lives. You know our future. We can only plug into Your Holy Spirit when we have You in our meetings and share from the mind of Him who sits on the throne. And may we get His direction even from this Word this evening. I thank you for those that you brought today, for those who made time to come. I pray that I may speak to them that which they have longed for, that which they have needed. Not that which they have wanted, but that which they have needed, Oh God, I pray this in the Name of Jesus. Bringing every thought into captivity in the Name of Jesus. And everything that exalts itself above Your knowledge under the feet of the Name of our God, and under thy Word, Jehovah. I bless Your name for all of us in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
The title of this teaching is “You are Able.” If you want to give it another title, it would be, “The Adversities of Advancement.” If you to advance in your life, you need the adversities to come around. Halleluiah.
Paul said I will pass through Macedonia, and on my way I will get to Ephesus. And when I reach Ephesus, I will stay on in Ephesus. I’ll pass through Macedonia, but when I come to Ephesus, I will stay there. And you read the whole thing, he is actually writing the story while he is at Ephesus. He says I will pass through Macedonia, but I will love to stay on at Ephesus.
This place is called RCCM. But don’t forget that this is a place for “People Who Care.” Don’t drop that. People who care. This is Ephesus for you. Paul said, “I’ll stay on at Ephesus”, and the reason why he said that was not because he wanted to stay, but because that was a specific reason why he was suppose to stay there. If you are in this place, you need to know the reason why you are in this place. If you don’t know the reason why you are in this place, then you will misuse your opportunity. You won’t do what you are suppose to do. Opportunities will come and will pass by. It is important that you know what you are suppose to do wherever you are. Where am I suppose to be? As the Lord has connected me to you people, what is my role. What am I suppose to do? What is my calling? What is my gifting? What is my life? What is my opportunity in this place? Once you know what you are suppose to do, and you begin to do what you are suppose to do, you will be effective for many things. And it’s very important that each one of us become that way, because if all of us, no matter how many we are, do what we are suppose to do, we will be effective. We began my church with only me and my wife and my children. Then there were two families. Now there are many families there. And everyone who joined knew what they were suppose to do when they joined. When you know what you are suppose to do and you begin to do it, you become effective for the Kingdom of God. I encourage you, never be a passive robot in the house of God. Become informed in the church. It doesn’t matter if you are born again today or if you are member of this church only one month old, get involved. See what you can do it and do it for the Glory of God. It doesn’t matter who sees you; it doesn’t matter if someone looks and says, “Look what he’s doing,” forget about that and do what you are suppose to do for the name of our God. Because I do know that when you become effective, even in the church, there are people who will look down on you and push you down. When you begin to go up, they push you down. We don’t need that thing here. Say Amen!
The first thing you need to do is to submit to each other’s calling. One thing I know that even though I am the Bishop in my area and I see a young man growing and there is a gifting in his life, my best job is to submit to that calling and say, “Yes sir,” and submit to what God is doing in your life.
Paul knew what he was supposed to do here. He knew why he was at Ephesus. He said, “A great and effective door has opened to me.” A great door has opened. And an effective door also. Everyone here, including me, are praying effective doors to be opened. Doors of money to be opened. Doors of relationship to be opened. Everyone of us need doors to be opened. Some way, some how your door needs to be opened. None of you here wants things to stay the way they are right now.
Everyone of us in all our areas of life, whether it is in the jobs we are doing, or in the ministry, need doors open for us. None of you are satisfied with what you have right now. I have been to a number of homes here. And I would say some of you have arrived. You have all that you need in the whole world. Everything is all right for you. If I visited your home, I would say that for you. But back at home in Africa, I was not even where you are right now. But I guarantee, wherever you are, you want doors to open for you. And I pray that the doors open as you desire. I pray that God would clear things away for your life. I pray that the desire of the church is to desire more doors to open, here at RCCM, in the Name of Jesus. No matter what it is, God must open those doors for you. And I pray that they open according to you desires. Let them be opened according to where you desire them. Paul says, “…a great door has opened…” You are looking at a man where signs and wonders are happening. Sick people are recovering. They are jumping out of their wheel chairs. Everything is happening and he is enjoying it. He happy for what is going on. He says, .”…a great door has opened; a very effective door. It is nice and it’s wonderful, and I will stay on.” It is true when things are working for you, you’d rather stay on. None of you wants to be where things aren’t working well.
Anytime a pastor injures your feeling, you may want to quit and go away. You may think the church has a problem and you want to get out and go. That’s why I always tell leaders that before you let people come to close to you, make sure they’ve been through the hottest fire. Because those who haven’t been through the hottest fire, when fire comes they quit. That’s why if they haven’t been through the hottest fire, Pastor, create some fire for them. Say Amen! We need some fire!
What I’m saying to you is that it is very important that we understand what I am beginning to talk to you about. Paul said, “a great door for effective work has opened to me, but there are many who oppose me. There are many who oppose me in what I am doing, as I’m praying for the sick, as I’m preaching to them, as they are getting delivered, there are many who are opposing what I am doing.” Everything is all right, everything is nice, but opposers are also around. I just bind them and cast them out.
There are many who come to the place where they have opposers, they will try to fight them, or push them out. Let me encourage you, when you meet opposers, just go your way and God will shut them out. If you help God, then you are in trouble. Let God deal with your opposers. Let God sort each one of them out for you. Don’t do it yourself. They are in the family of God, they are in the neighborhood, they are in the church as well. But you have to realize how to handle them. If you don’t know how to handle a Judas Iscariot, you are in trouble. Everywhere in the family, in the church, in the neighborhood, in your business, there will be a Judas around. There will be a Judas sitting next to you enjoying everything. He is there to destroy where you are. He’s there to destroy your integrity. Or he is there to destroy your reputation. He is there to destroy your light. That is what he is there for. And he has nothing else to do but to do just that. He will always be there, and you had better know how to handle him. Jesus said, “The one I am dipping in the dish with right now is the one betraying Me.” He didn’t say, “I cast him out, and I through him out.” They couldn’t crucify Him unless Judas found Him.
Paul says, “…There are many opposers…” And he knew them one by one. When he says, “…there are opposers”, he knew who they were. If you say, “No, I don’t know my enemies”, then you are cheating me. In church, in the family, in the neighborhood, there are those you know who are opposing you. If you don’t know your enemies and you are just walking about and thinking everything is all right, you are in dangerous person to walk with. Paul says, “Know your enemies, beyond the demons, beyond the kingdom of the devil, look at the physical. Know who is pulling with me and who is pulling against me. I need to know who is on my side and who is not on my side. Even when you are in the church like this one, we need to know who is on our side and who is not on our side. Once we know who is on our side, we will know how to get things flowing. If you are not on our side and you are in intercession, you will be pronouncing curses against us. Check what Paul said in the letter to Ephesus. He said, “take heed you elders there. Take heed of the flock that God has made you overseer of. Because there are wolves around you. ” There are wolves among you. He would point of them and say, “This one is a wolf; this one is a wolf; and this one is a sheep.” Paul was able to separate them.
Why am I sharing what I am sharing? You must begin to recognize where you are in the house of God. Are you on the side of your church? Or on you on the outside of your church? Are you on the borderline? Or are you in the middle. Where are you? Get yourself fixed in the right position. It doesn’t matter what you are, once you have shown yourself as members, as elders, as pastors, as deacons, once you are on the side of the leadership, things will begin to flow. Nothing is impossible with God. Once we tune in and we begin to work together in one direction, we shall win. Paul says, “Opposers are in my midst.” Doors will be opened for you. God is faithful. Because He has promised in His Word that His thoughts towards your life and my life; His thought towards this church are good thoughts, and He wants to prosper the church. He wants to prosper us individually. That is what He thinks, and that is what He has settled in heaven and on earth. He wants to prosper you. And He will open the doors. But as long as any door opens, expect opposers. Any door which opens expect the opposers to come. Right at the door opening, opposers arrive immediately. Whether it’s a matter of getting a job, the moment you get the job, opposers will just follow you right there. Born in a family you never wanted, opposers will just follow you right there. That is how opposers are. And many, many people are afraid of the opposers. No one my sisters, no one my brothers has ever made it without opposers. Those that are champions or stars, and in America, there are many of them such as Jordan, Tyson, Holyfield, all the stars you can think of, many of them were scared before. Whichever door they went in had people who scared them. Opposers have only one duty for your life and my life, and for any door, which will open for our lives, and it’s to scare us. The main thing opposers want is to scare you and stop you from doing what you are supposed to do. Thank God for Paul who would not be scared. No matter what came against him, he was strong enough within his heart to do what God called him to do. The one duty of an opposer is to scare you and paralyze your stamina and your strength. That’s why when you see those fighters that go in the ring and they begin to fight, before they fight, they jump around and looks the other guy straight into his eyes. If you close your eyes you will be beaten.
If you were to ask my Pastor when I began this work, how many things tried to scare me. Any door you step in, scary things will come. A great door will open and many will come in and many will flow in, but things to scare will be on the table as well. Opposers will be on the table as well, both inside and outside. The outside opposer we can overcome very easy. But opposers from the inside, I don’t know about. If you have people opposing you from the inside, it’s very dangerous. That’s why you need to know who is on your side.
God said to the children of Israel, “Go to the land of Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey. Go the land and I will give it to you, but you must fight everyone on the way. The door is open.” They began to go and whoever was in the way, they crushed. You could imagine the Israelites when they reached the Promised Land and crushed the enemies they met, how they must have felt. They must have felt good. They must have said, “This is wonderful. God is with us! Let’s go. The door is open.” At one point, they were sitting around and they were defeated on the way. And they cried and said, “What is the problem.” They admitted their sin and admitted their problem. They got rid of it and said, “Let’s go on.” They continued. The door was open. They arrived at Canaan, at the border, the Promised Land. And you can imagine the land was flowing with milk and honey. They had been to many lands before. They had known other lands before. And the land where milk is flowing from the ground, you can imagine the picture they had in their minds. From the ground honey came. Do you know what honey is? Do you know what milk is? If you want milk now, you would go to your refrigerator. But milk was flowing from the land, from the land. You can imagine how excited they were, and when they got there, they said, “Guys, we have arrived at the land flowing with milk and honey. We have arrived! This is the land that our fathers talked about. Now we are in the land.” You can see them excited! Some of them were preparing their pots. A land flowing with milk and honey, and before it was too late, before they got in there, they sent some spies to check what was going on. And 1two spies went there. But they saw giants around in the land of milk and honey. And when 10 of them saw the giants, they totally forgot about the land flowing with milk and honey. They forgot about every dream they had. All they thought about was to get out of the land and to get out of there quickly. And when they got out, they were on the other side. And they said, “Guys, there’s no milk and honey on the other side.” They forgot about milk and honey. They said, “We were as grasshoppers in that land.” The forgot what the Father had told them. He’s the Alpha and Omega. They forgot that He’s the same today, yesterday and forever. They forgot that He is the God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham. They forgot, they forgot, they forgot because giants were in that land. Giants scared them to death and they forgot about the milk and honey.
How many people, in our meetings even today, have actually run away from their calling because giants arrived on the scene. A number of people have quit because giants arrived on the table. One of the giants is your appetite. One of the giants is your attitude. One of the giants is your “rights.” One of your giants is just sitting around and talking about your giants. You then quit on your vision. Thank God for the two guys, Joshua and Caleb. They remained steadfast to the milk and honey. They said, “The God of Jacob, the God of Isaac spoke and we heard the promise, “We’re going to get there.”
When you join a church like this one you begin to say, “What did God say to Pastor Galvano when the church was being planted? What did God say in the beginning?” Once you know what God said about this church, you will be able to hook up to the vision and say, “Let’s go.” Yes, there are giants on the way, but you say, “Let’s go.” You say, “Let’s go.” All churches are waiting for vision carriers. You are not a woman of God by just saying, “I am a woman of God.” You are not a man of God by just saying, “I am a man of God.” To be a man is not just a matter of putting on a pair of trousers. To be a woman is not about putting on a dress. To be a man you need to be resolved within you to become what you are suppose to be. To be a woman you need to become what you are supposed to be. Confront what needs to be confronted.
When they arrived at Canaan and they saw the giants, they were scared to death. But the two said, “Here is the time now. You don’t need to pray for this situation. You don’t need to fast and pray, or bind and cast out. The situation here is to confront. Get into the confrontation. Fight the giant!” Sometimes we have prayed and prayed. When you know what you are suppose to do, come out of yourself, get to the matter and solve the problem. Stand up and face the matter. When there is pressure, rise up to the occasion. The children of Israel began to fight. You also need to do the same. What is it about your church that you have known that is a giant? You need to rise up and confront it. You need to rise up and address it straight. A problem not solved is a problem increasing. Once you know what the problem is sit down and face it. Don’t avoid the problem. Don’t cover up the problem. Sit down and talk the issue out, even if the problem is in the family. Talk it out until you are done. Sit down until you break through with your family. You need to change and become like Jesus. Many, many people don’t want to deal with things. Share and be like Jesus. Jesus, I feel that you have talked these things to us. Speak to our hearts.
The thing you fear right now may be where your honey is. The thing you are afraid to confront is where your honey is. That’s where your breakthrough is. The thing that is scaring you right now to take that step; the moment you take that step, that’s where your honey is. Let me show you something from the Word of God.
Let’s read Judges 14 starting at verse 5, the story about Samson. Let me give you some background. As you know, Samson was born to kill the Philistines. The Philistines bordered Israel and God wanted Samson to kill all of them, to plunder them. When he grew up he saw a girl from the Philistine family and wanted to marry her. The Scripture tells us he went with his father and mother to get the girl from the Philistine camp. “Samson went down to Timnah together with his father and mother. As they approached the vineyards of Timnah, suddenly a young lion came roaring toward him. The Spirit of the Lord came upon him in power so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands as he might have torn a young goat.” The Bible says that when the enemy comes like a flood, God raises a standard. Anytime you are in God’s chariot doing God’s plan, God raises a standard against any opposer. That’s God’s method. That’s God’s promise. Samson was walking in divine appointment. This was his right journey. And the lion comes up to charge towards him. And the Bible says that the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. And he tore the lion. Once you rise up in your correct journey, no matter the opposer, the Spirit of the Lord with wisdom will come; with knowledge will come; with discernment will come. You’ll know how to solve your problems.
Let’s continue in verse 6: …But he told neither his father nor his mother what he had done.” Which means, as they were on their journey, perhaps his father and mother went another route. (This is my imagination.) And when the mother and father were on the other route, the lion charges towards Samson. And Samson said, “Where are you Lord, Jesus?” Any many times when problems come, we want to hide in other things, hide in excuses and hide in people. Stand up as a woman of God. Stand up as a man of God and confront the issues yourself. Solve the matter yourself.
Verse 7: “Then he went down and talked with the woman and he liked her.” He then rejoined his father and mother and continued the journey. Verse 8: “Sometime late, when he went back to marry her, he turned aside to look at the lion’s carcass.” Right at the same place where the lion charged him, he looked at the lion’s carcass. “In it was a swarm of bees, and some honey, which he scooped out with his hands and ate as he went along. When he rejoined his parents, he gave them some, and they too ate it. But he did not tell them that he had taken the honey from the lion’s carcass.”
What is scaring you right now? Whatever it is, charge in and take the step. There may be honey in it right now. There may be honey in that thing. Just go and love somebody you don’t even expect to love. The honey is right there in that thing. The opposers that are scaring you, the things in your church, that’s where your honey is. If you have no way to solve them, you will not get to the honey. If you are falling back, you won’t get to your honey. If it is education and you want to get into a college and you say, “Can I get there? Will I make it? Where will I get the money? Where? Where? Where?” You have to take a step towards that. There’s were your honey is. Will I love that individual? Will I do whatever? Get into that thing. That’s where your honey is. Samson says, “Let me look at the lion’s carcass.” When he did he saw a swarm of bees inside. You know what bees can do. They sting. You cannot get the honey without being stung. You can’t say, “I cast out, I bind.” If you do you won’t get the honey. Instead of just trying to get to the other side, get inside there. Get the honey. That’s why you see in the Word of God, it’s only in two places, you’ll find the Bible records that Jesus stands up on the throne. Everywhere else in the Bible Jesus is seated.
You’ll find Jesus standing up at Jericho. When Jericho was falling, the Bible says, “He rose up from His sitting, and there was judgment on the ground.” The other place where you will find Jesus is standing up is when Stephen was being stoned. Stephen was a mere deacon, a mere man, a mere servant in the church. He was not an apostle, or a bishop, but just a mere member of the church. But at the time of his death, the Bible says, “I see the Son of Man standing up.” All heaven stood when he was dying and said, “The general is coming up. Stand up! A general is coming.” Jesus stood up and said, “Somebody is coming!” The stones that were coming against Stephen were able to scare him. But he said, “Forgive them of what they are doing. Forgive the stone throwers.” And the moment he did that, Jesus stood up and received a general.
Your honey is in your challenge. Never run away from your challenge. Never run away from that thing that is challenging you as a church. Never run away from that thing that is challenging you as a pastor. Face your challenge. Sit it down and resolve what has to be resolved. Sit down with your family and resolve what has to be resolved. Sit down and get to the issue. Get to the bottom. Don’t cover it up. Don’t cover it up. In the church today when the presence of God is not there, we try to create the presence of God. God is not there and we try to sing softly. Singing softly is not the presence of God. Singing quietly is not the presence of God. Either God is here or He is not here. And once you know He is not here, admit He’s not here. Find out where the problem is. Sit down and resolve the matter. Nahum 1:3: “The Lord…is in the whirlwind and in the storm.” The way of the Lord is in the whirlwind and in the storm. You’ll never have it any other way. I share with my heart the way I have been feeling. I said, “Lord, what is it around the church?” I have been praying and waiting before the Lord. What is it for my church? What is it for my pastor? Your honey is in your challenge. You members have your challenges. You as individual have your challenges. You better face them. Yes, you want doors to be opened. Luke 17 says things to offend you will come. It doesn’t say they may come. They will come. The only way is to rise up. Champions are not quitters. Champions are not quitters. That’s why Paul says, “I am cast down, but not destroyed. I am depressed, but not crushed. He was a champion within himself. That is why he was able to say, “The door has opened for me, but there are many opposers.” He stood strong in that situation. We are looking for champions in the house of God. We are looking for champions at heart. You here at RCCM, when you gossip, just one gossip, it confuses the body. Take the gossip and throw it away! Stand your ground and walk free and after Jesus. One small gossip and you get confused. Something is wrong with your mind. Someone doesn’t welcome you, you get confused. Stand up and become yourself. Stand up for your position and get into it. If we have three, four, five or six men or women who know their goal, no matter how small you are, you will be the most powerful influence the world has ever seen. Why? Because you know your position; you know that whatever is scaring you, you will not run away. You will say, “This is the way!” God has told some of you to give out something. And the moment you get scared and embrace that fear, you will never get what you should get. Ask any of the successful heroes of our day how they got where they are, they faced their challenge. They never avoid it.
Let me close with a testimony. My physical father did a lot of harm to my life. If he had just one buck, he would leave it at the house and leave for a whole month. That was the lifestyle we lived. My mother used to go into the fields and get vegetables to sell at the market. And that is what took me to school. And the pension my father got, none of us received even a piece of it. Everything was wasted in the women and in the bars. One of my siblings became a robber and another is doing life in prison. The third was a drug addict, as well as another. The two young girls were too small. We were taken to a farm, and when we arrived at that farm, there was no house for us. They put up a small hut for us to stay in. And we slept by the fire. And my father said, “Let me go back to town and get some money, and I will come and put up the house.” When he went, he went for three weeks, and that time all my elder brothers were in the streets on drugs, violence. There was only myself and my young brother, my two girls, and my mother. In the bush, I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know anyone in the Lord. We began to feed just on leaves you cook. Those were moments I used to sleep covered with a raincoat. Not for one day, but for two years I lived that life. And I hated my father. When I passed from what you call high school here to the next level, there was no one to receive me. Links were cut off from us. I stayed for one month with no house. I walked the whole day. When it was night, I’d find a place to sleep. The next day I would go to school. No one knew the situation. And I hated my father through everything.
But God was faithful. When I reached to last grade, I resolved to go into the Army. I said, “I think for things to be well, let me join the Army.” I can tell you that most of the people join the Army; they don’t go in there for joy. They go in there because life has been tough. I almost got into the Army. One day I walked to a shop and I sent in. It was an Indian shop and I asked the Indian man, “Is there any piece work I can do you.” He said, “Yes sir!” And I did the job he had for three months with no pay. Three months down the road, somebody left and I got his job. Later on, my father came all way from the farm. He had no shoes. He walked in his bare feet to that shop. He heard that I was working there. My young brother was with him, and my brother came and said, “Daddy is outside.” The moment I saw him, the rage came back. I remembered what I had been through. I said, “Lord Jesus, how can he dare even come now when he is finished?” At that time, he was sick and a wreck. But immediately the tears began to roll down my cheeks. And I said, “Lord Jesus, allow me to take this man in my hand.” And I took that man into my lap, finished as he was. And I rocked him in my arms, and I walked around the shop. The Indian looked at him and said, “Who is this?” I said, “This is my father.” And they got him some shoes and dressed him up. That made him die in the Lord. The only child who was there, no brothers around when he was a finished wreck. But I was able to take my dad out of the torment, bring him back, clean him up, do whatever. And I was able to lead him to the Lord. I led him to the Lord. And then he died. My mother gave her life to the Lord immediately. Everyone of my family down the road gave their lives to the Lord.
The thing that challenges your life, you had better face it. If you run away from it, you’ll not get your honey. God help you. Let’s pray.
I know the Master of the wind. I know He can calm the storm. He can cause the rain to come again. Father, I pray for your children. I pray for this church. I pray for my Pastor. I pray for every child here. I pray for every youth in this church. You know what challenges are before them. Thank you for the doors that are opening for them. Thank you for the doors, which you open for them. I pray, Oh God, that even as they see their opposers, they will not close doors for them. They will not get them out of Your plan. I pray Your Kingdom will not leave; their anointing will not leave. I pray they will continue on their journey and wage their battles in the Name of Jesus. Father, I love You and give You praise and the Glory. I stretch my hands and release a blessing on them. Bless your children. I release them in Your peace. In their individual families, I release peace. I release wisdom for their challenges, in the Name of Jesus. I love You Father, and I give you glory and honor, in Jesus Name. And together we say Amen!

Bishop Ng’ambi Caddie
Jesus Worship Centre
Chingola, Zambia, Africa

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