On this page, witness the remarkable journey of how a simple SEED transformed into a powerful SHOCKWAVE. In a pivotal moment in 2002, Tahir Saleem, a young man fueled by a passion for God but burdened by the challenges of ministry, reached out to RCCM International in a moment of despair. Late one evening, as the RCCM staff diligently prepared for the World Ministry Conference, a providential 2-hour call unfolded—an encounter meticulously orchestrated by God. In that extraordinary conversation emerged not only the birth of a deep friendship but also the inception of RCCM Pakistan.


Sprouting from a single church in Lahore, RCCM has experienced explosive growth in Pakistan over the past two decades, blossoming into a network of 215 churches and cell groups. Among them, 207 are scattered across Pakistan, boasting an impressive membership of 67,000 individuals. Expanding its global presence, RCCM Pakistan has established four churches in the United Arab Emirates and additional churches in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, as well as Butellborn, Germany.

Empowering Women for a Better Life

Pakistan, categorized as a Third World country, faces challenges such as unemployment, low literacy rates, discrimination, and the exploitation of basic human rights. Abuse among young Christian girls is also commonplace; these girls are often forced into a modern form of slavery. These conditions, witnessed by us at RCCM daily, are unimaginable for most Westerners. RCCM Pakistan has initiated the "Empowering Women for a Better Life" program, a one-year initiative providing education and sewing arts skills to impoverished girls aged 10 to 45. Sponsored entirely by RCCM Pakistan and our partners, the education and skills training are free of charge for participants. The program empowers these girls not only to earn a substantial living but also to build a foundation for a free and fruitful life beyond the program. In the absence of our intervention, these girls might be destitute and hopeless. In its nearly twenty-year history, the program has yielded countless success stories, showcasing the transformative impact of education and skill development in dire circumstances.

RCCM has established three Sewing & Knitting Education Training Schools in various communities across Pakistan. 


Water is vital for all life, yet in Pakistan, the combination of a growing population and industrialization, particularly in major cities and villages like Youhanabad, has led to a decline in drinking water quality. Approximately 20% of the population has access to safe drinking water, leaving 80% to rely on unsafe sources. Youhanabad, a vulnerable area with around 200,000 inhabitants, faces dire consequences, including child deaths and hospital admissions due to unclean water. Since 2002, RCCM has been committed to addressing this issue, initially focusing on Youhanabad with the establishment of our first water treatment plant. Today, with nine water treatment plants in Pakistan, RCCM continues its mission to provide clean water and filtration facilities for communities, recognizing the urgent need for protective measures and treatment technologies. Waterborne diseases, responsible for 80% of all illnesses and 33% of deaths, persist, highlighting the ongoing necessity for such initiatives. According to the US-EPA, arsenic in drinking water is suspected to cause or exacerbate various diseases. A USAID report estimates that around 250,000 child deaths occur annually in Pakistan due to waterborne diseases.

RCCM is making a difference. We undertook an ambitious and impactful initiative to combat the water crisis in Pakistan by constructing nine state-of-the-art water treatment and filtration plants which now serve 187,000 people. These modern facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology sourced from the UK, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, the UAE, Japan, and the USA, play a pivotal role in ensuring clean and safe drinking water. The construction process involved boring to a depth of 650 feet and deploying advanced equipment such as reverse osmosis systems, high-pressure pumps, ultraviolet systems,  large capacity tanks, ozone generators and advanced sterilization systems. The intricate process was executed with the cooperation of numerous professionals and government officials,  highlighting the collective dedication to addressing the critical issue of water quality in Pakistan.

RCCM Education Centers

RCCM envisions a future where education is a right for every child in the community, addressing the prevalent lack of educational opportunities. This commitment aims to nurture their development, empowering them to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. Through this initiative, RCCM sows seeds of goodness, contributing to the flourishing, respectability, beauty, and health of both the community and society at large.


Our experience in Pakistan was nothing short of life-altering. In the midst of the chaos that we in the US hear so much about, lies a beautifully unfamiliar place-- with even a more beautiful people, rich in color and culture.

We held large open-air crusades as well as many other evangelistic meetings in several cities. We visited RCCM education centers and 7 of the 30 RCCM sewing centers— where 822 girls are presently living that have been rescued from oppression and hopelessness.

Many of these girls are victims of rape and as a result are now considered outcasts of society. Others are homeless or have been forced into a type of slavery due to family debt. The majority of the locations that we visited are in strongly controlled extremist areas. We officially opened the newest RCCM sewing center during our visit. This particular sewing center is in a deeply controlled extremist area. The center is surrounded by a thick stone wall and sandbags. As we visited there were dozens of guards atop the wall and on the grounds each holding a semi-automatic weapon. This was the norm during our time here. Even considering the circumstances, all questions about why we do this are answered immediately upon entering the center.

Traveling to Pakistan — a place where preachers can be hanged for converting muslims to Christians — and seeing all that we've seen, gives a deep appreciation for what our RCCM Pakistan team does everyday.
During this missions trip, Pastor Galvano had a first-ever meeting with all 20 RCCM Pakistani pastors that came in from all over the country. It was the first time that the entire delegation was together under one roof. It was an unforgettable time of vision-casting and affirmation.

RCCM is part of something great that is happening in this region. Through the dedicated RCCM people here headed by Pastor Tahir Saleem, RCCM's reach has extended throughout Pakistan and into Afghanistan, The United Arab Emirates, Nepal, China and Bangladesh.
We thank you for linking with RCCM. With your support we are able to share the great message of hope with those who need it most.


A new film
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Through collaboration with our global partners and the remarkable dedication of our ministry teams on the ground in Pakistan, led by Pastor Tahir Saleem, RCCM Pakistan consistently provides motorbikes, motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles to our Church Planters. These church planters are the heartbeat of RCCMP and are responsible for the explosive growth of RCCM across Pakistan. With the added empowerment of vehicles, these devoted individuals can expand their spheres of influence, creating fresh opportunities for outreach. As a result, scores of new churches are planted and flourish.

The photos below represent just a small portion of the vehicles that have been distributed. 

The RCCMP Orphanage

Since 2008, RCCM has operated an orphanage, currently providing a home for 93 community girls who have faced rejection, persecution, rape, sexual abuse, and human trafficking. The project aims to supply clothing, shoes, books, uniforms, school bags, and medical assistance throughout the year to female orphans, homeless, and traumatized young girls/women, empowering them to become integral members of society.

RCCM's Community Sponsorship Program

RCCM's Community Sponsorship Program, known as Community Resilience through Self-help Initiatives (CRSI), has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of slavery for more than 40 families. This program has rescued individuals from a life of reliance on others, liberating them from situations where they were trapped into slavery due to financial debts or desperate circumstances. Often, these individuals end up working tirelessly to pay off a debt that is in effect insurmountable, affecting not only them but their entire family and even future generations. Through CRSI, 320 people have been saved from such circumstances, each family receiving training and support to establish a new and more peaceful life.

Stephen Galvano's Books...

have been translated to the Urdu language and are being distributed in RCCM churches, educational centers and other learning centers across the nation of Pakistan.

RCCM Pakistan Reports

Pastor Tahir Saleem and the team at RCCM Pakistan send regular reports and updates to RCCM International in Rochester. Receiving these reports is often a high point for us. Although more often than we've like, these reports contain devastating news including the reality of Christian persecution that is all too common in this part of the globe.

Thank you for linking with SGWW and RCCM as we continue to make an impact at RCCM Pakistan and the rest of the world.

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An Amazing 2006 photo of the original RCCM Pakistan team.