Adding To Your Faith

A Message by Alfonso Galvano, Senior Pastor
Rochester Christian Church Downtown

The Foundation is FAITH
Hebrews 11:6, Mark 11:22, Matthew 15:28
Romans 10:17
What is Faith?
Hebrews 11:1 –

Explanation – Two Phrases
1. “The substance of things hoped for “
Expectation – What is the key in faith – to hear God!!!
2. “The evidence of things NOT seen”
Faith is based on what God wants to give us based on
His Word.

What is FAITH based on?
The revealed Word of God to You. If it is not revealed to
you, it will only be Wishful Thinking.
How does a person receive FAITH?
God has to put it in you.
Does God give only an amount of faith to an individual and that’s all, or can a person’s faith increase?

Does faith stand at the same level?
No!! It will either Increase or Decrease
Based on what? The exercising of it Mustard seed principle!! Matthew 17:20

How does one’s faith increase?
1. Obedience to God’s Word
2. Trials
3. Supernaturally (Gift of Faith)

Lack of Faith will dishonor God and His Word
What are some areas that God has said through His Word to us, which we often lack faith for?
Philippians 4:19
Matthew 6: 3 – 4
Romans 8:28
Psalm 32:5
I John 4:4


1. Not WISHFUL Thinking
2. Not Positive confession
3. Not believing in Hands-me-down confirmation.
4. Not a blind leap in the dark
What does Faith primarily do?
It produces assurance in your situation
What are some things Faith produces in your life?
Ephesians 6:16 Power over Satan
Ephesians 3:12 Access to God
Romans 15:13 Hope, Joy and Peace
Matthew 21:21 Answer to PrayerWho can operate in Faith?

The Righteous

Is it wise to put Faith in your Faith? Why?
It is productive to put Faith in another person’s Faith?
Can you have Faith for someone else?
Things to Remember about Faith
1. Faith involves confidence and conviction
2. Faith always relates to the future
3. Faith has a it’s object “Things not seen”
4. Faith in basic in pleasing God
5. Faith means fully focusing on God
Use Abraham to define the above 5 statements.

Adding to Your Faith

Author: Peter (1:1)
Date: 64 A.D. approximately
Place written from: Babylon (5:13) A colony near
Mesopotamia where Jewish Believers lived.

The Churches addressed here by Peter were experiencing
persecution of there faith 1:6-7)

Peter wrote this letter to be believers to inform – Persecution will come
to encourage – Stand True and Endure suffering for Chris’s sake
Message throughout the Book

1. Hope in the Midst of Trial
2. Add such hope to your Faith
3. And to Your Faith . . . ADD

Why must we add to our FAITH?
Can FAITH stand ALONE?

II Peter 1:5 – 11


True Spiritual Maturity comes as we add some very
necessary character qualities to our FAITH.

Peter tells us EXACTLY what we are to ADD:

When these traits are in operation in our lives we will then see our FAITH strengthened.
Before we focus on these TRAITS, there are two areas to secure and really understand.
1. The Ministry of Remembrance
2. What FAITH really is
Christianity is NOT so much a matter of searching for what is NEW, but rather REMEMBERING what is OLD.
Look at verse II Peter 1:12

I. The Ministry of Remembrance (vs. 12 – 15)

God has given the church the 5-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11)
I personally believe after years of ministry the most vital of all 5-fold ministry is the PASTOR . .
. . . for no other reason, except he has the heart of the
people in MIND.
His primary goal is to TEACH, TEACH and Re-TEACH

Peter was a Pastor and his greatest ministry was to REMIND PEOPLE of what they SHOULD KNOW.
Verse 13a:
What did he consider RIGHT? To remind Them
What are some of the ways of Remembrance?

A. Repetition
If you want to recall spiritual truths, it will demand REPETITION and USE.
The more you hear, think through and apply, the more it will dominate your thinking.
What is the result of such an act?
You will respond accordingly to your thinking.

B. Repetition will lead to Memorization
If you want to LIVE Biblical Truths, memorize the scripture.
Deuteronomy 8:1 – 2
What was Moses saying? Remember the Old Truths
Deuteronomy 8:11 – 14
Warning: Prosperity often has a built in curse . . it makes it easy for us to forget.
Deuteronomy 4:5-9
Psalms 119:16
Proverbs 3:1

II. The Danger of Forgetting Spiritual Truths

What do you think they are?
Revelation 2:1 – 7
The Qualities of the Ephesians Church
A. It held to Godly standards vs. 2
B. It would not tolerate sin vs. 2
C. It exposed false doctrines and teachers vs. 2
D. It labored in Christ’s name vs. 3
Where did it go wrong?
It’s failure vs. 4
It’s reminder vs. 5
Revelation 3: 1 – 6
Vs. 3
Peter was near death (1:14) and the only thing he could do was to remind them of their established FAITH because when he left, he wanted his flock to continue in TRUTH.

Diligence & Virtue

II Peter 1:5 – 11


Peter’s great desire was that the Believer walk in STRONG FAITH . but you can’t do that without STRONG CHRISTIAN CHARACTER.
In verse 5, Peter begins by saying, “GIVE ALL DILIGENCE” to adding certain things to your faith.
At this Point – We lose a lot of people.
You mention the promises and everybody says tell me more
but mention a word like DILIGENCE and you get sour looks.
Very few people like the word DILEGNCE.
What does the word DILIGENCE IMPLY? WORK
Giving all DILIGENCE to something means that you work at it.
Giving DILIGENCE to something proves you feel that they are important.
For Example:
You give diligence to being . . .
a good mother
a good father
a good student
Why? Because it is important to you.

Most people BALK at that idea. They want great FAITH to drop out of heaven, but Peter says . . .

With all diligence “ADD” to your already given level of faith, things that are important.
Adding to our Faith simply means
Making your Faith better
Improving it
Making it stronger

If there is something we can do to improve our FAITH we should… because GREATER FAITH produces GREATER RESULTS.
What exactly does Peter say we are to add to our Faith with diligence?
There are several but the 1st one is

I. Virtue

Without virtue in our lives our faith will be very shallow.
The Word “VIRTUE” has many meaning such as
Power (this is probably the best definition)

This is best seen in what example in scripture? Mark 5:27-30
When this woman touched Jesus, VIRTUE or ‘Power” left Him. She touched Jesus with Faith, believing for a miracle.
Did this woman have Virtue? No
All she had was FAITH and A NEED!Why was there no virtue (power) in her?
She was not yet a believer.
VIRTUE is available to us… because we have faith in us
… because we’ve accepted Jesus Christ.
Virtue (Power) within us
In the amplified Bible virtue is called (Energy)

How is virtue seen as an active ingredient in our lives?
Through our Lifestyle
Through communicating the truth
Convictions demonstrated at work and at home

Who in scripture added Virtue to their Faith and how
David – Fought Goliath
Daniel – Didn’t eat
3 Hebrew Boys – Didn’t bow down
Peter – Continued to preach when told not to
Paul – Before Agrippa
Nathan – Revealed David’s sin (II Samuel 12)

All these people didn’t just have faith in God, they exercised their power that was in them and caused their faith to be powerful.
Always remember:
James 2:17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead,
being alone
Your faith must have some kind of corresponding action or else it is WORTHLESS.
It’s what we add to that original measure of faith that really counts and causes a person to grow and mature to a
Ex. Cake Mix: Unless you add what is needed to make a cake all you have is a cake mix.
How can you tell if a person has not added Virtue to their faith?
When the troubles and trials of life come they crumble underneath them.
They hoot and holler when all is well, but they wine when trouble comes.
Who in scripture exemplifies that:
Disciples in the storm
Prior to the feeding of the 5000
(where are we getting the food from)
Lazarus in the tomb (Mary and Martha)
Where does virtue come from?
A bit is placed in us at salvation, the rest comes from knowing the Word.
You and I add virtue to our Faith by motivating ourselves by the Word.
Where is that seen in scripture?

Jesus Temptation – Matthew 4
The way this works is, Satan comes and whispers in your ear.

Satan Your Response Scripture
You’re a failure No, I’m Not Phil 4:13
I’m gonna kill you No, You’re Not I John 4:4
I’m gonna Tempt you Go ahead Isa 54:17
You won’t be able to
pay your bills Yes, I will Phil 4:19
I’m gonna get on
your back No, You won’t James 4:17

ALSO… Virtue equals excellence of Character
If anybody needs to have Godly Character it is the believer.
You can have all the faith you want, but unless you have
Moral integrity
Financial integrity
Be a man of your word
Keep your house clean
Your children in central
Live holy
you have no virtue
Add excellence to your faith and your faith will hold up under fire.

Things to remember about FAITH
1. Faith involves Confidence and Conviction
2. Faith always relates to the Future
3. Faith has as its object “Things Not Seen”
4. Faith is basic in Pleasing God
5. Faith means Fully Focusing on God
Let’s use Abraham’s experience in Faith to define the above 5 statements.
Things that FAITH Rejects and Accepts
Moses (Our Illustration) – Hebrews 11:23 – 29

What was Moses called to do?
The faith that Moses had caused him to reject certain things in his life and accept other things for his life.
Things that Moses’ Faith in God Rejected
(Hebrews 11:24 – 27)
I. The World’s Prestige (vs. 24)
Moses had risen to the height of Egyptian society from a little baby (Exodus 1:22 – 2:10)
Moses grew up in the society of Egypt, the wealthiest and most advanced civilization in that part of the world. He was raised as the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter. He was the prince and someday was in line to rule in the land.
You couldn’t get any higher than that and the greatest ruler in the world was Pharaoh. . . and Moses was in line.
In those 40 years Moses was being prepared for two things.
A. To become Pharaoh (taught by the Egyptian scholars)
B. To become a deliverer for the Israelites (from Mom & Dad)
Look at Exodus 2:9 (3 – 12 years) and 2:1 – 10
Therefore Moses knew both sides of the story.
There came a time after being raised by his mother that Moses was given to Pharaoh’s daughter to raise as her own.
Moses’ Point of decision
When Moses reached the age of 40, he faced a very crucial decision.
He had to choose whether:
1. To become a full pledged Egyptian or
2. To join his own people (The Israelites)
Now he had to make a decision. How do you make your decision Moses? (You could ask)
Moses obviously had the right key to base his decision on…
.. His FAITH in God

Now though it is not recorded, through those almost 40 years of being with Pharaoh’s daughter, his faith in God never weakened.
Though he had all he wanted in Egypt; when the moment of decision came … He made the right choice.
Moses’ Choice
Acts 7: 23 – 25
Moses knew God wanted him to be the deliverer, so he thought he would kill the Egyptian to prove whose side he was on. But they didn’t buy that, so in order for Moses to prove to them his motives. Hebrews 11:24 says
“By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter;”
. other words he chucked the whole thing out.
Moses did not seek the world’s prestige, he sought the will of God.
Moses knew that God had a better plan and reward for his life than what Egypt had to offer. He based that choice on his FAITH in God.
The World’s Standard for Greatness
1. Family being born into the right family
2. Money
3. Education
4. Position
Notice none of these things have any relationship to God’s standard for greatness. God honors people on a totally different basis. He is not concerned with family, money, education or position.II. The World’s Pleasure (vs. 25)
What is the World’s pleasures? SIN!!
Sin is fun. It has enjoyable characteristics for a season.
Moses had a choice to make rather to stay in Egypt and SIN (disobedience) or go and be a slave. (Obedience)
He made the choice to go. He choose not to SIN and he based it on his Faith in God.
If Moses stayed, Egypt could have brought him much pleasure in every area. But the pleasure of the world when chosen over God’s call in your life is SIN!! Sin is only pleasant for a season.
1. Job 20:5
2. Isaiah 21:46
3. Job 21:7-13
4. James 5:5
5. Psalms 51:36
Now, Moses made a conscious choice to suffer affliction by not associating himself with Egypt (world). And assumed that when you confront the world, you will suffer persecution. II Timothy 3:12
But if we really want to follow Christ then we like Moses must make a conscious commitment, which says, “I’m going God’s Way.”
Our faith in God will cause to reject things that are not consistent with God.

III. The World’s Pressure (vs. 27)

Obviously, Pharaoh got all-uptight about Moses’ decision. And that would have put tremendous pressure on Moses, but he didn’t let it get to him. (He didn’t fear the wrath of the King.)
Now, Satan will try to pressure you into conforming to the system. Remember: Compromise leads to conformation.
He’ll use anything he can to accomplish his goal.
For Example:
He uses the pressure of friends who will say things like:
1. What’s the matter with you man?
2. Get with it.
3. What’s all this weird stuff?
4. You’re crazy.

And then you’ll always have some one saying, “You know the only way you can really stay close to those people, so you can witness to them, is to do what they do.” (A lie from the devil)
So it becomes so easy to justify conforming to the world’s ways and rationalize that it’s the only way to reach them for Christ.
Listen, when that happens you’ve given in to Satan’s pressure.
What are some of Satan’s Pressures?
1. Dishonest things at work
2. Tell small lies
3. Cheat on income taxes
4. Steal from the job, so you don’t have to beg them.

What were the pressures Moses encountered?
The comfort of the Palace
Debt (to Pharaoh’s daughter)
Fear was probably the greatest pressure of all for Moses and that’s probably the greatest one we encounter.
Moses chose not to fear he forsook. (Greek word for Forsook “Kataleipo” meaning to denunciate from the heart.
Moses didn’t allow fear to change His FAITH.
Victims of Fear that changed their Faith
1. Abraham was afraid and told a lie about Sarah.
2. Aaron was afraid and yielded to the people and made a golden calf.
3. 2000 men of Gideon’s army were afraid and got disqualified.
4. David was afraid and ran from Absalom.
5. Disciples were afraid in the storm.
6. Peter was afraid and denied Jesus.

Fear is a real pressure and often we melt and become water under pressure. The devil uses fear very effectively, but it didn’t work with Moses.
Closing Thought: Faith doesn’t fold under the world’s pressure.
Whenever you and I pass up an opportunity to confront people about Christ, it’s because of FEAR, you’re afraid because you really don’t trust the power of God.
If we really trust Him, there would be nothing to fear.
Faith says “I’ll believe God and reject the world’s pressure”
Who are some of the greatest men in the Bible?
David, Abraham, Moses, Isaac . . . .
But who is considered the Greatest??
Jeopardy Question? Who Am I?
I was born to a simple priest, I had little money, I lived in the desert with a modified Torgan suit, made of camel’s skin. I have no formal education. My diet consisted of locust and wild honey. Jesus calls me the greatest man that ever lived.
Luke 1:15 –16

What made him so Great?
1. He was obedient
2. He was spirit-filled
3. He turned people to God
God measures greatness totally different than the world
I John 2:15 – 17

Text: II Peter 1:5
The word KNOWLEDGE is properly translated
Peter tells us not only are we to add VIRTUE (Power – based on God’s Word) we must add INTELLIGENCE to our faith.
The opposite of Intelligence is Foolishness: – Remember what foolishness means Empty headed idiot.
We are to add Intelligence to OUR Faith not Foolishness . . .
When does a person add foolishness to their Faith?
When they speak from the top of their head, rather
than from a proven base.
Intelligence defined – apply knowledge correctly.
Use what you have got:
Each person has a faith level, therefore USE what knowledge you have, NOT what someone else has.
Intelligence & God’s Word
Adding Intelligence to our faith is, simply speaking the Word of God (that we know) over our situation.
A person is exercising foolishness when they go around CLAIMING this and CLAIMING that, when there is NO BASE for that CLAIM.
There’s been much confusion about this “Confessing Business”.
Two Extremes and both are WRONG & FOOLISH . . .
. . . One extreme says, Call things into being that are not
. . . The other extreme says, Whatever God’s Will is
You don’t claim what God has revealed to someone else.
You don’t claim another person’s experience.
You don’t claim what clearly God has not revealed to you.
You don’t claim what is contrary to scripture . . .
EX: Divorce his wife and marry another. He said God
revealed it to him.

All that is Adding foolishness to your Faith.
Ever hear someone say . . . Hey the Faith confession stuff is fake . . . it doesn’t work?
Do you know why it doesn’t work . . .
They have added foolishness to intelligence to their faith.
What are some of the ingredients in baking a cake?
If you substitute an apple instead of an egg, well you get the picture.
When people go around making all kinds of FAITH Confession” that have absolutely nothing to do with God’s Will (Word) . . That’s not adding Intelligence

How does one add Intelligence to their Faith?
1st – Decide what area you want your faith to grown in.
2nd – What situations do you need to add Intelligence to?
3rd – Whatever spiritual situation you are not fully developed
in is the area you and I must add intelligence to.What are some of those areas?
1. Intelligence & Prosperity
2. Intelligence & Healing
3. Intelligence & Spiritual Gifts
4. Intelligence & Marriage
5. Intelligence & Family
6. Intelligence & Unsaved Loved Ones
7. Intelligence & Weaknesses
8. Intelligence & Unchangeable Things


I. Intelligence & Prosperity
First, you must demonstrate obedience to Tithing and Giving to the poor.
Adding Knowledge
Phil 4:19 Luke 6:38
II Cor 9:8 Mark 10:29 – 30
Deut 8:18 Hag 2:8
II. Intelligence & Healing
First, you must demonstrate obedience to the law of health.
Eat right
Eat good
Get enough sleep
Enough work

Adding Knowledge
Proverb 4:20 – 22 Psalms 103:1 – 3
I Peter 2:24 Matthew 4:23
Exodus 15:26 Isaiah 53:5
III. Intelligence & Spiritual gifts
First, you must demonstrate obedience to being saved and checking you motives.

Adding Knowledge
Acts 2:3
I Corinthians 12 – 14IV. Intelligence & Marriage
First, you must demonstrate obedience in
Fulfilling your role
Husbands – must meet the need and love enough
to serve
Wives – must submit to the husbands lead
Deut 24:5

Adding Knowledge
I Peter 3:1 & 7 I Corinthians 7
Ephesians 4:32 Genesis 2:23 – 24
Proverbs 5:18 Proverbs 31V. Intelligence & Family
First, you must demonstrate obedience in Fulfilling your role
Father – Lead and Train
Mother – Support the leading and training of the child
Children are to obey parents

Adding Knowledge
Ephesians 6:1 – 3 Colossians 3:20
Deut 30:19 – 20 Deut 28:13, 3 & 6
Proverbs 13:24
VI. Intelligence & Unsaved Loved Ones
First, you must demonstrate obedience in your lifestyle (particularly your actions and speech)

Adding Knowledge
Acts 16:31 Zacheuss Women caught in adultery
VI. Intelligence & Weakness
First, you must believe what Paul said in Philippians 4:13. Remember the cause for weakness is often ‘FEAR’.
(Fear of Failure)
Adding Knowledge
I John 4:18
Gideon – coward
Moses – speech
Timothy – young
Peter – prejudice against Jesus
Romans 6:12
I Corinthians 6:12VIII. Intelligence & Unchangeable things
First, remember God made us just as He wanted

Adding Knowledge
Jeremiah 1:5
Psalms 139:14
Zacheuss (short)
II Kings 2:23 – 25 (no respect, thought of as worthless) not necessarily without hair ???

Hosea 6
Hosea says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge
When we lack knowledge of what God’s Word says about us and our situation, we became like the natural man.
Build up your “faith” by Studying God’s Word.
Know your situation and what God’s Word says about it.
We need to quit chasing after new revelations and use the revelations God has given to us.
Adding Temperance… Controlling Self
Text: II Peter 1:3-6


The next character quality we add to our faith is temperance.
Temperance means self-control
A person who has and exercises self-control will add to their faith and vice versa.
Someone with temperance know how to restrain their body and soul, and keep them subject to their spirit
It is not an easy thing to always be self-controlled, because the flesh always want to rise up.
Temperance is not a popular term because we are told to express ourselves.
Many people who have never learned self-control in the natural things, have a difficult time controlling the spiritual area of their lives.
What does self-control come from?
Galatians 5:22-23
Every believer has all the Fruit of the Spirit within them the moment of salvation.
The difference from one to the other is… some walk through life with those fruits operating in and through their lives more than others.
Some of us have more victory in some areas than other areas… we all need improvement!
Don’t let your nature (spiritual past) dictate what your spirit should be…
… to say, well I’m Italian and by nature I’m hot-headed, stubborn, high-strung, and short fused
Listen: Hot-headed, stubborn, high-strung and short-fused does not indicate an Italian person, it indicates a sinner.
Galatians 5:19-21
Self-control means to Discipline
What are we to discipline?
Our body and soul
I Corinthians 9:27
Discipline is determined by our spirit
Our spirit is controlled by the Word of God
How does the Word of God control the spirit? Roman 12:2
(renewed mind)
For example:
Something happens and you feel like you want to explode…
A. In the natural – you explode
B. With temperance based on the Word
Pro. 16:32, James 1:4
You been treated unfairly
A. In the natural – revenge
B. With temperance base on the word-Roman 12:19&21
The key is make sure that the Word dwells in you richly.
Col. 3:16
Areas that we need to put under control
1. Anger
2. Jealousy
3. Tongue
4. Attitudes toward other people
5. _________________________
6. _________________________

I. Adding temperance over Anger

If you are a shorter temper person, don’t live under condemnation, just get it under control
Anger is not always wrong. We see countless places in scripture when God got angry
Exodus 22:24; 33:5 Joshua 23:16
Numbers 12:9; 16:20; 25:3 Judges 2:12
Psalms 7:11
Jesus got angry – Mark 11:15-16
We need to learn how to have self-centered in line with God’s Word
The anger of Jesus was under control and He did something productive with it.
Anger is not the real problem… it is what we do with it that causes the problem
Ephesians 4:26 & 27
As believers we do have self-control. It is in us.
How much self-control we have is up to us!!!!
II. Adding Temperance over Jealousy
People become jealous over others because of others:
a. Abilities
b. Talents
c. Accomplishments
d. Goals

We need to get disciplined in our lives over jealousy, otherwise it will destroy…
1st – You
2nd – Your relationship with the person
3rd – God’s willingness to work in you
III. Adding Temperance over our Tongue

James 3:2, 5-6
If believers struggle in one common area, it is this one of the tongue.
If anything does damage, it is the tongue.
If we could get our tongue under control… our testimony, our relationship with God would seldom if ever be question

NOTE: What we say reflect…
1. What we are in our heart
2. What kind of family we come from
3. Our future
4. Our relationship with God

James gives us some keen insight to the tongue and it’s potential.
The tongue: Small but POWERFUL – James 3:3-5
1. Bridle (bit) to a horse – guides direction of the horse
2. Rudder to a ship – determines course of the ship
3. Spark to fire – powerful start to a fire
Conclusion: Tongue is powerful. All power kegs must be put
under control or danger and destruction
That ‘s why James says in 1:19 “Be slow to speak”
Matthew – Out of your heart the mouth speaks
Why does James call the tongue “The World of Sin” (vs. 3:6)
Because: The tongue is usually the cause of sin
Ex: Lying, idolatry, gossip, backbiting, prejudice,
We are told something in confidence, but because it is so juicy, it’s hard to keep it to ourselves…
…so we tell others, in the form of a “prayer request” what actually it’s gossip.
James reminds us that the tongue is helpful but inconsistent
In Mankind – both praise and curse comes from the same
In Nature – opposites never come from the same source
James makes it clear that Christians speak from both sides of their mouths…
… and your faith level is directly linked up with your mouth
What you say effects your spirit
That’s why we need be careful how we speak to people that we don’t destroy their spirit with our words … get it under control!!!
What’s the solution
Do you think God can control your mouth/tongue?
Supernaturally – yes
Who in scripture was that done to – Zechariah
As a rule – the control of our tongue is determined by you
and me… because
What is the source of the mouth? Heart
Who owns your heart? You do Jer. 17:9
Who want your heart God Pro. 23:26
1. Know the Word – Proverbs 6:16 & 19
2. Discipline your body – I Cor. 9:27; Ps. 19:14; Ps. 141:1-3
3. Result – Psalm 119:11

Always, apply temperance to your tongue
Proverbs 10:19; 11:9; 18:6-8; 21:23 Mark 7:15, 20, 23

Adding Patience

Peter tells us to add self-control (temperance) to our lives before he said anything about patience.
Self-control and patience actually go hand in hand!! You really can’t have one with the other.
Why does self-control come before patience?
Self-control is the vehicle that brings patience to the surface.
Patience means steadfastness. Someone who has patience knows how to endure. Those kind of people are stable no matter what happens.
One reason why many people don’t receive anything from God is that they are not patient.
When Patience is not in operation… confusion, frustration,
Double-mindedness sets in.
James 1:3
Who are some biblical examples of lack of patience and what were the results.
People Results
Mary & Martha with Lazarus
Moses & the Rock
Disciples in the boat

Who are some who had patience and endured.


A good fight of faith is not only one you WIN, but one you endure through.
There are many people who quit the life of faith because they don’t endure, they quit when things get rough.
In reality their faith is WEAK.
Patience and endurance in hard times is what develops true and strong faith
Your FAITH is added to as you allow trials to come and do their work in you.
James 1:2-4
Why are we to count it joy?
As you endure and stand firm in FAITH, your faith is going to become stronger.
How does this work in the financial area?
How does this work in the family area?
How does this work in the physical area?
How does one inherit the promises? Hebrew 6:12

Measure Your Patience

One of the ways you measure your spiritual maturity is by your level of patience.
You and I are probably as spiritual as that area that we lack patience in.
Basically a lack of patience indicates a lack of trust in God over your life.
Impatience NULLIFY our prayers
Impatience are signs of DOUBT, UNBELIEF
Notice the sequence…
Without great patience there is no great faith
Without great faith there is no great victories
Your amount of patience will indicate your faith level.
Your faith level is based on how much you and I trust God

A lot of people quit on God to quickly.
If the answer isn’t there in 15 minutes – I quit
Ask yourself the question:
What is my response when I pray and nothing seems to happen?
Your response will either cause your faith to be
added to or to diminish
Don’t Ever QUIT

What are the two responses when the hard knocks hit?
1. Quit
2. Stand steadfast upon God’s Word
A. Patience will always bring God’s best to you
B. Patience will always promote you.
Someone said,” To know how to wait is the great
Secret of success
C. Patience always brings rewards to the godly (Gal. 6:9)
D. Patience develops character
Paul praised the church at Thessalonia with these words:

II Thessalonians 1:4
James 5:11
Adding Godliness
Text: II Peter 1:6,7
The next three character qualities are closely interwoven, you cannot have one without the other.
Brother kindness
Charity (love)
Looking at godliness
Simply defined godliness means God-like attributes
What are some of those God-like attributes?

Who make you godly?
Is godliness more similar to the fruit of the spirit or the gifts of the spirit?

Godliness is conforming our mind and will to God’s
mind and will.
True faith in God CANNOT be separated from a godly life
One cannot say I have faith in God and yet live ungodly.
If a person does call himself a Christian, we better take inventory and see how much like Christ we really are
If we carry His name we must carry His characteristics, His traits and it should be obvious to those around us.
Godly Influence
There are many examples in scripture of those who truly lived godly and enriched lives and influenced the lives of others around them.

1. Daniel – He was a living testimony in Babylon
What was his impact?
2. Joseph
What was his impact?
3. John the Baptist – Mark 6:20
What was his impact?
4. Job
What was his impact?
5. Billy Graham
What was his impact?
Who are some examples of ungodliness and their impact?
1. Samson
What was his impact?
2. Judas Iscariot
What was his impact?
3. Jacob
What was his impact?
4. Anania’s and Sapphira
What was their impact?
5. Madonna
What was her impact?

Focus on this!!!
People can walk around saying they are Christians, but if their lives don’t measure up… everyone knows it.
Don’t dare go around calling yourself a Christian and…
Cheat your company
File for divorce
Rebel against your husband/wife or any authority
Abuse and mistreat your wife or children
Not provide the needs for your family
Take your brother to court

I Corinthians 5:9-12; 6:1-11
All those verses are pointing to is that if you are a person who says you have FAITH, then you will live GODLY.
A godly life only comes one way… from a close relationship with God.
Claim all you want, but if a person is not born of God, he will not have the character of God… no matter what he confesses

Adding Brotherly Kindness and Charity
Text: II Peter 1:6 & 7

Godliness, brotherly kindness and charity all are interwoven with each other. One doesn’t really function completely with other the others
Let’s tie in godliness with the other two…
Matthew 7:21-23
This passage sounds like Jesus was being harsh, but He wasn’t.. He’s calling things they way there were
… you see godliness is either a part of us or not

Ungodly characters are clearly seen in scripture
Roman 13:12-14
I Corinthians 5:11
II Corinthians 7:1
Ephesians 4:24-32
Galatians 5:19-21
What Jesus was saying in Matthew 7:21-23
… We must make godliness a priority

As we put on and (keep on) godliness, others around us will be affected in one of two manners…
1. They will walk away
2. They will change
When people look at us… who do they see?
what do they see?

Do we reflect God to this world? Or do we reflect the world?
Godliness shows when no one is looking?
What are you like when you are alone?… because
what you are when you are alone is really what you are!
Now one of godliness’s expressions is brotherly kindness
Brotherly kindness means – preferring your brother over
It is getting excited rather than getting jealous when you see your brother being blessed.
Kindness is an out-flow of godliness and therefore is not automatic. It takes work, it takes effort to be kind, expecially to some people.
Example of kindness expression and it’s result
a. I Kings 17:4, 8 & 9, 12 – Elijah and widow lady
What was the kindness shown?
Fed him with her last meal
What was the result?
When her son died, Elijah rose him form the dead
b. Genesis 24:15-19 – Rebekah & Abraham’s servant
What was the kindness shown?
Gave them a drink and watered their camels
What was the result?
Jewelry and a rich husband
c. Luke 10:25-37 – Good Samaritan & beaten traveler
What kindness was shown?
What was the result?
That’s what Jesus was trying to explain in Matthew 25:35-40
Acts of kindness are usually evidence of a genuine relationship with the Lord.
When we are KIND to those in need, we are actually showing kindness to Christ.
Who was Jesus referring to in Matthew 25:41?
Kindness is one of three essentials the Lord requires of a person.
Micah 6:8 – Do justice, love, kindness, mercy, walk humbly
d. Joshua 2:1-12 – Rahab and two spies
What was the kindness shown? Hid them
What was the result? Vs:12
e. I Samuel 19:1-2 & 20 – Jonathan & David
What was the kindness shown?
What was the result?
After Jonathan died his children were taken care of.
f. Luke 19:2-10 – Zaccheus & Jesus
What was the kindness show by Jesus?

What was the result?
KINDNESS is often the vehicle that God uses to lead men to repentance. Roman 2:4
Godliness leads to Christian Love
Another expression of godliness is Christian love
What if any is the difference between…
Christian love
Love – could be aris or philo
Christian love – must be willing to sacrifice (agape)
Christian love – must be willing to be in action
You cannot operate in the FAITH without the operation of love
The best example is I Corinthians 13:1-8
In this passage “love” is described in terms of action
New Testament Commandment
Love is the commandment we live by. If we live by love, we would never break the other commandments.

Love must be more than talk…
James 2:14-17
John 13:34-35
John 14:23-24

People has basically two needs in the area of love…
1. To love others
2. To be loved

LOVE is more important than FAITH
A person who is hurting needs not your counsel but rather your love first
A hungry person, doesn’t need a lecture on how to trust God for provision (faith), then need LOVE in ACTION – Feed them first
There are times when we must put on a BOLD, STRONG, STERN FACE, then there are times we put on a soft, tender, caring face…
… love knows the difference… that’s growing up spirituallyLOVE COVERS
I Peter 4:8
If faith is operating in our lives, because we add love… when someone falls spiritually we don’t stomp all over them.
It becomes so easy for people to turn on someone who has fallen.
Instead of helping we often stomp.
Galatians 6:1
Love covers… that’s a sign of spirituality
When does love covering become a compromise?
Loving God and loving people go hand in hand
Galatians 5:6
If we add love to our FAITH… our FAITH will be powerful
The conclusion to adding to our Faith
2 Peter 1:8-11

Once we have added these characteristics to FAITH… what happens?
1. We become FRUITFUL
2. We will NEVER FALLThe opposite is true…
Without these in our lives we remain
1. Barren
2. Unfruitful
3. Easy to fall
Our desire is to be FRUITFUL, but it is something that will not fall from the sky…
… it will take effect on our part
Lasting fruit
What does it mean to be fruitful?
To produce something of lasting value for the kingdom
All else will burn up someday – I Corinthians 3:12-13
Only what is done for God will last and be lasting fruit
II Peter 1:10
If we do these things, we will never fall, we won’t have time to.
These qualities added to your faith in and out God will cause you strength and victory in life
It’s those people who never add to their lives that keep falling.
Notice the word “diligence” meaning give attention
This passage began with diligence – vs. 5
This passage ends with diligence – vs. 10
Diligence is the KEY to all form of GROWTH
In the natural
In the spiritual
Maybe some of the material we have covered hasn’t been easy to swallow, your Christian life is more than eating, sugar and candy, and ice cream (faith, healing, prosperity) We need to eat the meat… it’s a little harder going down, it will make you healthy and strong.

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