RCCM and Pastor Stephen Galvano have a rich history in India dating back to the 1980s. Pastor Galvano has been actively involved in the country, collaborating with various ministries, including the extraordinary efforts led by his friend Dr. Ernest Paul Komanapalli based in Hyderabad.

In 2010, a new chapter in this story unfolded with the establishment of RCCM India, led by RCCM Pastor Gudiddine Philip. Since then, RCCM India has been relentlessly dedicated to addressing the dire need of children, which is widespread across the region. RCCM India has set up orphanages, food programs, and educational centers to help meet this need. Despite over a decade of impactful work, RCCM India views its mission as just the beginning.

In addition to our work with children, RCCM India has been actively engaged in Church Planting, particularly in remote regions and villages around Hyderabad. Much like RCCM’s work in Pakistan, these pastors are supported regularly by RCCM India and its partners.

Like so many RCCMI pastors, Pastor Philip and his wife Rosy regularly travel to RCCM International in Rochester for training, fundraising, and for RCCM’s International events such as the World Ministry Conference and the International Missions Convention.




Stephen Galvano with Pastor Philip at RCCM International
Pastor Bartolo Taormina (RCCM Santa Flavia), Pastor Mario Urso (RCCM Alta Villa), Pastor Philip at the RCCM International Missions Convention in Rochester.