Is this Real?

Sometimes in the midst of our everyday life– “Teen-issues”, our friends at school, problems that
we’re dealing with…..the reality of God gets lost or forgotten.

Let’s ask ourselves some questions:

1) How can God be real when little kids die without reason, when innocent people die in wars, and
when bad things happen to good people?

2) Where is God???

I am not looking for the answer “In Heaven…or “in our hearts”, I mean where is God when we call on
him– when we pray to him? Why does it seem like he doesn’t answer?

3) Why doesn’t God ever prove that he’s real by showing up?

Teachers Guide:

1) The bible clearly says that earth is not our home….if fact, our enemy is called the “prince of the

2&3) I’ve often fought with this, but it’s amazing….looking back on my life, how God DID orchestrate
it with perfection. I can think of 2 distinct situations in my life when I needed God right away….and
he literally pulled me out!

I can think of MANY more situations when I THOUGHT I need God right away, but in reality the
situation didnt need to go in the way I thought it needed to. Looking back- God has engineered
situations in my life with perfection. And he does it for you, too

Get example about how God moved me from the basement to the projector.
…And how he didnt do it the next time and why

This life is all about faith. Your whole life is about one decision you will make.

RCCM Youth Ministry Teaching
Rochester Christian Church Ministries International