The Basic Elements Of The Blessing

The Basic Elements of the Blessing

The five key elements blended together can cause personal acceptance and total
prosperity in one’s life.

1. Meaningful Touch – (Genesis 27:26)
– meaningful touch has many beneficial effects. The act of
touch is a key to communicating warmth, personal
acceptance, affirmation – even physical health.

2. A Spoken Message
– a blessing becomes so only when it is spoken
– silence communicates confusion
– spoken words of blessing gives the hearer an indication that he or she is
worthy of some attention.

3. Attaching High Value
– to value something means to attach honor to it.
– The word “bless” literally means “to bow the knee”
– It shows reverence and respect

4. Picturing a Special Future
– We cannot predict another person’s future with biblical
accuracy. We can, however, encourage and help people to
set meaningful goals.

5. An Active Commitment
– this last element of the blessing pictures the responsibility that goes with
giving the blessing.
– words alone cannot communicate the blessing; they need to be backed with a
commitment to do everything possible to help the one blessed be successful.

Pastor Stephen Galvano
Rochester Christian Church Ministries International