Shaping My Destiny

Shaping My Destiny
‘The Bible Teacher’

As Christians, we need to make decisions that will change our entire life.

These decisions are three fold:

When we decide to give our lives totally to Christ.
When we decide to be all we can be in life. When we refuse never to settle for less than we can be.
When we decide to raise our standards, our values, and our expectations in life.

These decisions could enable us to meet people who can help change us and bring new adventure and excitement into our life.

There is power in making a right decision.

Everything that happens in our lives, including success of failure begins with a decision.

Our destiny is shaped by our decision.

The decisions we make today will determine our tomorrows, and the future.
A. For example, what we are today is the result of our past.

Every decision we make has an outcome.

It is the decisions we make:

Not our environment.
That will determine and shape our destiny.

There are thousands of testimonies of men and women who have succeeded in life despite their:

Poor environment

There are those who have become failures in life in spite of all the advantages they had.

It is our decisions, not our environment that will determine our destiny.