Demonstration = Proclamation = Credibility

Acts 3: 1-26

Immediately following Pentecost, the Christian movement picked up steam. Two leaders, Peter and John, encountered a lame man on their way to the temple. When the name of Jesus healed the man, they immediately gained credibility to share the gospel. In other words, once they walked the walk, they attracted an audience when they talked. Note how Acts 3 describes these early church leaders:

1. they faithfully did what they knew to do (v.1)
2. they stopped and sensitively addressed needs (v.3)
3. they had the courage to face problems (v.4)
4. others anticipated receiving solutions from them (v.5)
5. they realistically admitted their lack of material resources (v.6)
6. they fearlessly used their God-given authority (v.6)
7. they generously gave away their spiritual resources (v.6)
8. they solved practical problems (vv. 7,8)
9. they gained credibility through demonstration, not just proclamation (vv. 9,10)
10. Peter’s demonstration gave him a platform and a convincing argument (vv.11-26)