Called to Minister

Ephesians 4:12

“You are a minister”

It is the responsibility of the Five Fold Ministry to unleash the church body and prepare them for Service

The Five Fold Ministry have been raised up by God to lead with “BOLDNESS” and not “TIMIDITY”

In Ephesians 1:3-12, Paul always led with “PURPOSE”
Paul asks the Question: Why did God leave us on earth?
He answers that question: He left us on earth to participate in God’s redemptive plan for the world.

I. So, in Ephesians 4:

1. God Gave at least five types of leaders to the church

i. Apostle
ii. Prophet
iii. Evangelist
iv. Teacher
v. Pastor

They exist to complete the member’s growth, to equip them for service and to edify the body (church).

II. How do they compliment each other?

1.Church Order through the Five Fold Gift Ministry
The Apostle’s main function is to establish the foundation of the local church and to strengthen the body by his oversight.

Then the prophetic should come forth from the Prophet by bringing revelation and direction from God to the church as he brings forth the prophetic.

Then the miraculous will be manifested by the Evangelist who is the proclaimer of the Good News of salvation, healing and restoration.

As the Gifts of the Holy Spirit comes into operation, someone needs to explain in terms easily understood, and God raises up the Teacher, who teaches practical doctrines and stirs the people to DO the word, and imparts wisdom and revelation knowledge to the body.

As people are taught, they need care, love, counseling, correcting, admonishing and discipline. This comes through the ministry of the Pastor.

2. What is the Ministry of the Individual Saint?

The dynamic of the early church came from a proper understanding of roles in the Body: gifted men building up the saints, who in turn exercise spiritual ministries throughout the body.

God has given each member certain spiritual gifts for the work of the ministry

The local church essentially is a training place to equip Christians to carry out their own ministries.

If gifted men equip the saints, and the saints do the work of the ministry, the body grows and believers are united.

God’s plan of perfection for the body is progressive

This is God’s plan. Besides the gifted man given to the church (Ephesians 4:11,12), to make the church really grow, and have a unified witness, God designed every member to have a certain function, or functions, within the body.


Birth them
Build them
Bless them

Pastor Stephen Galvano
Rochester Christian Church Ministries International