God’s Perfect Knowledge of Man

Psalm 139
1. The Revelation Gifts of God are seen in this Psalm
– God is omniscient – God knows it all
– God is omnipotent – God has all the power, all the time
– God is omnipresent – God is everywhere present

II. In this Psalm, David explores the depths of
– God’s omniscience
– God’s omnipotence
– God’s omnipresence

1. David’s dynamic and intimate relationship with God shapes his perspective on life.
2. David knew he wasn’t alone. He rejoiced that he could draw upon God’s infinite “wisdom”… that he could never run from God and His justice and that he could count on God’s power whenever he needed it.

Ponder the benefits of an intimate relationship with God as you serve Him:

1. God knows our every thought, every word and every move vv 1-6
2. God directs us no matter where we go vv 7-10
3. God knows no hopeless or helpless situation vv 11,12
4. God formed every complex detail of our bodies, minds and spirits vv 13-16
5. God constantly thinks of us and is concerned with the details of our lives vv 17,18
6. God searches our hearts and will purify our motives vv 23,24

Conclusion: David’s prayer of God’s revelation in his life

“Lord, I hope I am not in a wicked way, but see if there be any wicked way in me, any corrupt inclination remaining; let me see it and root it out of me, for I do not allow it.”
“Lead me in the way everlasting”

Pastor Stephen Galvano
Rochester Christian Church Ministries International